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Jacqueline Lee

Jackie has worked as a real estate agent, non-profit coordinator, marketing consultant festival planner and as a maid in recent years. She provides consulting to the Mississippi Main Street Association and loves spending time in historic downtown districts across the country, learning about old buildings and people watching. She is on a mission to find the perfect margarita if it takes the rest of her life.

Courtney Creel
Managing Editor

If you’re looking for Courtney Creel, try looking down. Standing at only 4’11”, Courtney is tiny yet twisted. You’ll typically find her listening to Modest Mouse or The Weeks while drinking a Starbucks Doubleshot. Courtney was previously employed with the Laurel Leader-Call, where she was an intern, proofreader, accounting assistant, reporter and page designer. After work, Courtney returns to Ellisville where she resides with her fiancé, Justin, and their daughter, Owyn Caroline.

Ashton Pittman
Director of New Media

Ashton is a native of Kokomo, Mississippi (yes, it’s a real place; no, the Beach Boys never sang about it). While he was a journalism student at the University of Southern Mississippi, he made a name for himself as the creator and Editor-in-Chief of Deep South Daily, an online publication centered around progressive Southern politics that reached millions. At various points, he’s been a contributor to the New York Times, a freelance filmmaker and production assistant with Showtime, and a social media pot-stirrer. He has been retweeted by the likes of Hillary Clinton and J.K. Rowling. He is also proud to have been mocked and blocked by Roseanne Barr.

Kassie Rowell
Art Director

Kassie is a resident of Ellisville, Mississippi, originally hailing from Stonewall, Mississippi. If she had her way, Kassie would be raising chickens and painting fruit in her oikos located in a village in Malta. But alas, Kassie is legally obligated to not only stay within the confines of Southern Mississippi but she is also required to use her creative skills to put together each page of DIME magazine.

Amy Allegrezza
Marketing Representative

Feisty and fearless, Amy Allegrezza hails from Jackson. She’s a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi who offers a smile in every avenue of life. This little Italian loves life, adventure and the occasional Crooked Letter Mystery Romp. What will come next of her? Stay tuned to find out.

Jennifer Devereaux
Marketing Representative

A Mississippi native, Jennifer grew up with a camera in her hand and a passion for music. She moved from Starkville to Hattiesburg in 2006 and while working at a large electronics retailer, soon began pursuing her dream of photographing some of the biggest names in music history including, Paramore, KISS, Slash and Foo Fighters. When she is not in the photo pit shooting rock stars, she’s skating on the flat track as a veteran jammer for the Hub City Derby Dames or helping take care of her three mini me’s with her husband, Scott.

Jim Cegielski

This reformed Yankee has called the ‘Sip home for the last 20 years. Unfortunately, to this day, the ‘Sip still refuses to accept him as a resident. Although extremely white, Jim enjoys singing Negro spirituals and gospel songs as well as anything by Barry Manilow. He once had lunch inside the Kremlin with the Olsen Twins, Mrs. Frank Sinatra Jr. and Greg Evigan, who played BJ on TV’s “BJ and the Bear.” Jim is a functioning alcoholic, who plans on hitting rock bottom in early 2018.


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